Did you know that the most important reason to attend an event is making relevant contacts?

ubiquiiis an online professional community for a specific event where the participants can interact and network before, during and after the event

  • Attendees Agenda
  • Integration with registration suppliers
  • Integration with social networks
Main reasons why executives attend events.

Increase Attendance

The more opportunities the attendees have to make relevant contacts the highest the likelihood to attend. With ubiquiiyou can decrease churn and make your attendees’ time at the event really worthwhile.

Added Sponsor & Exhibitor Visibility

Sponsors want to have their brand present in all the relevant points of interaction with the attendees. Exhibitors want to have increased visibility so they can get more and better leads. You can generate additional revenues through Sponsor Advertising and Exhibitor Profiles & Visibility.

Increase attendees engagement

By participating in the event community attendees will be engaged with the event and other members for weeks before and after the event dates. Your event will no longer be restricted to the dates when it is held and will generate a higher return for your attendees.

A community with your event brand

Create a unique central community with your event’s brand, integrated with the most important social networks, enabling a seamless event experience for your attendees. Control the branding, advertising and content of your event community.

Gathering essential data from your event community helps you understand the pulse of the event and making future decisions.


How important is it for your event to achieve higher attendee satisfaction and repeat attendance?

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